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The Traveling Introvert

Not knowing what introversion was until my 30s, I feel that I wasted some of my early years by not really understanding myself. An inspiration for my business is that I want to help others understand themselves better, earlier on in their careers and their lives. Introversion is a very misunderstood area – introverts can suffer mentally and physically because people typecast them or act negatively towards them. It’s not nice to be trapped in a little box. When you label somebody, they tend to act like that label, which stops people from achieving their true potential. I don’t let being an introvert define me, I let it guide me.


Follow along on my journey as an introvert who travels and runs an online business.


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Mar 26, 2019

Show notes:

When you’re a frequent traveler like me, you learn and experience a lot of new things not only about the place where you’re headed, but the whole trip in general. Of course, not all experiences will be wonderful but once you get over it, you’ll see that all your mishaps during that trip was kind of...

Mar 26, 2019


What comes into your mind when you hear the words “digital nomad”? For some, it can be about the lavish lifestyle, the perks that you enjoy while working in different places. Because of this, a lot of people have come up with many misconceptions and expressed how they want to become one. Sure, you can....

Mar 19, 2019

Show Notes:

There is a saying that goes, “You are what you attract.” People might think it only applies to relationships, but surprisingly, it is also applicable to businesses.


If you want to have an amazing client, then you need to have the same energy as that client. You need to work on yourself as much as you...

Mar 12, 2019

Show Notes:

When we have a lot of things on our plate, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of our workload. For people who are able to manage their time wisely, it will never be a problem. If you’ve just begun your career, you can get lost along the way pretty easily and that might even lead...

Mar 5, 2019

One of the situations that introverts struggle with is the introduction. Based on experience, it can be pretty awkward to tell people about yourself and what you do for a living, especially if you are meeting them for the very first time. Can you just imagine saying things like, “Ah… I see. So...”? It just makes...