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The Traveling Introvert

Not knowing what introversion was until my 30s, I feel that I wasted some of my early years by not really understanding myself. An inspiration for my business is that I want to help others understand themselves better, earlier on in their careers and their lives. Introversion is a very misunderstood area – introverts can suffer mentally and physically because people typecast them or act negatively towards them. It’s not nice to be trapped in a little box. When you label somebody, they tend to act like that label, which stops people from achieving their true potential. I don’t let being an introvert define me, I let it guide me.


Follow along on my journey as an introvert who travels and runs an online business.


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Jun 25, 2019


Some people get really bored when they travel. A good reason for that is perhaps the internet may not be available, or being seated for a very long time is uncomfortable for them. But for me, I try to stay productive and use that time for work purposes. For today’s episode, I’d like to give you some ideas...

Jun 18, 2019


Video interview is one of the most convenient ways to get to know the person without having to meet up with them in person. Usually, people who are looking to hire freelancers are the ones who do this, but it’s also utilized by some clients who want to reach out to their network. Either way, the video...

Jun 11, 2019


For a frequent flyer, my decisions are usually based on the situation that I’m in. My choices when it comes to the mode of transportation and accommodation usually depend on whether I’m all alone or traveling with someone. But aside from this, the majority of my choices depend on which would take me less...

Jun 4, 2019


Interviews are one of the most nerve-racking parts of the job application process, especially for an applicant who’s also an introvert! The small talks with the interviewer can get us really nervous and end up getting awkward, but there are ways to avoid that. In this episode, I’ll be sharing some tips...