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The Traveling Introvert

Not knowing what introversion was until my 30s, I feel that I wasted some of my early years by not really understanding myself. An inspiration for my business is that I want to help others understand themselves better, earlier on in their careers and their lives. Introversion is a very misunderstood area – introverts can suffer mentally and physically because people typecast them or act negatively towards them. It’s not nice to be trapped in a little box. When you label somebody, they tend to act like that label, which stops people from achieving their true potential. I don’t let being an introvert define me, I let it guide me.


Follow along on my journey as an introvert who travels and runs an online business.


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May 17, 2022

Hello and welcome to the not so travelling introvert. Today I want to talk about client Privacy. So many times there are Facebook groups, popup Facebook groups or posts on social media celebrating that this person and that person and the other person has joined this particular coaching group or coaching program. Or...

May 10, 2022

Hello and welcome to the not so travelling introvert. Today we’re gonna talk about the different facets of anger. Different facets of anger. So more than one way to, I’m angry, that's all it is. This thing happened and I got really angry.


But angry, anger, I should say, is nuanced. There are different things to go...

May 3, 2022

Have you found yourself in a difficult situation lately? Have you dealt with a difficult client or customer? How do you deal with your customers after a rough start to your day? 


In today's episode I discuss:


  • The 7 steps to handling any difficult conversations or situation. 


  • Remaining calm
  • Listening 
  • Wait until...

Apr 26, 2022

In today's virtual world it’s all about virtual meetings. In these meetings, there's the age-old question “Where are you from”? This can be a difficult question to answer. 


In today's episode I discuss:


  • Why you don’t want to ask, people “where are you from?” 
  • How to be more inclusive in the way you...

Apr 19, 2022

Do you have people in your life you find “difficult”? Do you find yourself getting frustrated with the difficult people in your life? Are these negative situations affecting your personal or professional life?


In this episode I discuss:


  • How to identify patterns in the situations that frustrate you.
  • Identifying...